Uncommon Nasa – Sleep Patterns [video]

“Sleep Patterns” is an outtake from Uncommon Nasa’s “Land of the Way It Is” and is Produced by Agartha Audio. “Land of the Way It Is” can be found here https://uncommonrecords.bandcamp.com/…. We’ll let Nasa explain the rest:

“I really love this song, for anyone that thinks I’m too serious, this is my sense of humor on full display. To me the ending is hilarious, even I laughed at it myself the first few times I listened back. This song was originally supposed to be on Land of the Way It Is but due to it’s length it was hard to place it. I was going to hold it for New York Telephone (my next LP), but was running into the same issue in placing it, so I figured why not let it stand on it’s own? The song is about those long nights commuting back from a night shift where you are so deliriously tired that when you end up writing or working on art, you have no idea whether what you’re doing is even making any sense. That’s where the lyrics come from, the concept that plays out in between the verses is my idealic get rich quick scheme to solve this problem for once and for all. The whole song slowly builds until I drop my ingenius plan. Enjoy it. And yes, that is me actually sleeping in real time in this video”. – Uncommon Nasa 1/6/2014


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