Power Struggle – In Your Hands [album]

Power Struggle releases their new album In Your Hands, a hip-hop experience that celebrates the ubiquitous feeling of LOVE, as an essential motivation for personal, social and political revolution.

A follow-up album to their community acclaimed 2010 release Remittances (Beatrock Music), In Your Hands continues the tradition of radical poet meets b-boy, where street artist becomes agitation propagandist.

Like all true hip-hop beat makers, producers Fatgums and ET draw from all types of music, from the contemporary to the ancient, the royals of pop music to the most obscure of subgenres. There are also guest appearances by The Bar (Prometheus Brown (of Blue Scholars) and Bambu), Rachel Lastimosa of Dirty Boots, ESTA, and Digital Martyrs. Additional contributions from lesser known, but just as talented friends and fellow artists also bless the album.



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