IAMNOBODI – Gretchen [audio]


Gretchen is a club in the Berlin district Kreuzberg and offers one of the nicest booking programs in the city. It’s the second release off “Snapshots from Berlin”, a little project series of IAMNOBODI in dedication to places that inspire him. The photo above with Kaytranada was taken in the backstage of said club not too long ago..

Snapshots from Berlin: 250 copies vinyl on numbered vinyl, each with a unique polaroid taken in the streets of Berlin, the city that inspired the release. 250 copies, 250 different covers. All polaroids, signed, commented and/or painted on by IAMNOBODI. Trust us, this took more then one night to put together. The record will ship in the third week of march.

Pre-Order: http://jakartarecords-label.bandcamp.com/album/snapshots-from-berlin


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