L.E.O. & Carnage – The Boombox Theatre [album]


With it’s worldwide acclaim and mass appeal, the boombox has secured its place throughout the years as one of the most iconic symbols of Hip-Hop culture. But in the post Yo! MTV Raps era flooded with MP3s, does the mighty boombox still hold weight, or is merely a relic of a bygone era?

Channeling the old school sounds of the Golden Era while paying tribute to the giants before them, L.E.O. and Carnage, are pleased to present The Boombox Theatre; a 17 track opus dedicated to the sounds that are the cornerstone of the genre. From the ominous, horn happy introduction of “Prehistoric Language” to the Joe Pass sampled “Windows Revisited,” Boombox is akin to the classic pairings of emcee and producer that was evident through the ages. Boasting guest appearances from both Baron of Red Clay fame, and Unleashed By Science, with mixing duties provided by J-Zone, L.E.O. and Carnage deliver a project that’s just as well suited for your dad’s JVC as it is your iPod. So in the wise words of Rakim, “just pump the volume up and play it loud.”

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