Castle – Return of The Gasface (The Has​-​Lo Passages) [album stream]

Castle’s Return of the Gasface (The Has-Lo Passages) enters the stage today on Mello Music Group. The record is a frame by frame rewrite of the graphic debut from Castle, Gasface. Unsatisfied with the typical approach to remix projects, MMG vet Has-Lo built the album from the ground up – having Castle re-spit verses, adding verses, ad-libs, a guest verse from Has, and even pair of new tracks. The result is an entirely new wave thematically and cinematically. Conceptually the project is somewhere between Marvel’s “Team Up” and “What If” storylines. The synergy between Has-Lo and Castle is that of long-time collaborators offering the best of back and forths.

Lyrically Castle manages to combine the menace of the streets with the reality of home life – an intimate three-dimensional portrait of a man witnessing life unfold through a Hip-hop filter. Castle describes it well: “Pop rappers chastising, claim that I don’t stack enough. Art rappers chastising, claim that I don’t tap enough.” Add to it, Has-Lo’s sonic backdrops that seem to help Castle’s lyrical displays rise to the forefront, providing well-timed accents that drive it all home.

The original cover art was created by New York artist Josh Bayer, who is best known for creating the opening sequences in the HBO show “Rome” as well as the paintings in Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” video. In addition to the cover art, Bayer created an entire booklet of original pieces to go along with each single for Castle’s album. Mello Music Group is proud of the marriage created between lyrics, production, and original artwork.

Castle, “Return of the Gasface (The Has-Lo Passages)” hits digital retailers today with vinyl and cds on the way shortly hereafter. Now tell your girl to get off the phone so Castle can drop one off in her drawers.


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