Has-Lo - Return of the Gasface (The Has-Lo Passages) [Instrumental]

Has-Lo – Return of the Gasface (The Has-Lo Passages) [Instrumental]

Castle and Has-Lo teamed together to create “Return of the Gasface (The Has-Lo Passages)” a complete re-envisioning of Castle’s previously released “Gasface” album. Philly Producer/MC Has-Lo carefully hand picked instrumentals to provide a new foundation for Castle’s “Gasface” album and even had Castle re-spit all of his verses to help match everything together to create an entirely new album that features two of today’s most promising Producer/MC combos.

Today marks the CD release of “Return of the Gasface (The Has-Lo Passages) but also marks the instrumental release featuring Has-Lo’s production. In celebration of today’s release, Has-Lo and Mello Music Group are offering a Triple Pack of instrumentals from the album to share w/ fans as a free download.


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