Stanley Ipkuss & ewonee thee beatnik – .indefinite. [album]

“.indefinite.” is a 14-track collaborative album featuring music by ewonee thee beatnik of New York, and rhymes by Stanley Ipkuss of Berkeley, California. This album stylistically pays homage to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop while experimenting with warm audible subtleties.

Ipkuss is a young, canny emcee with a raspy voice and an introspective state of mind who uses a laid back, multisyllabic flow to pay tribute to graffiti art, skating, smoking and other happy elements associated with the thriving underground subculture of the Bay Area.

These stories are conveyed against the backdrop of rhythms produced by ewonee thee beatnik, an up and coming beatsmith in New York City’s prospering beat scene, who tends to use lo-fi classical Jazzy loops accompanied with light percussion and interesting side-chaining aesthetics to yield a tranquil, meditative sound that still brings a thump that’s integral to most Hip-Hop.


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