Goldini Bagwell – Read About It ft. IAME, OnlyOne & Illmaculate [audio]


Sandpeople and Heaven Noise representative Goldini Bagwell has unveiled some appropriately themed pre-order packages for his upcoming album, Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut). With a release date of June 24th, the new album’s artwork, track list, and pre-order packages – which range from “The Light Cough” to “The Coffin” – can be seen at Goldini’s bandcamp.

There are also two singles to stream, including the newly released “Read About It” (feat. IAME, OnlyOne, and Illmaculate). The track is a blistering call to arms, with four-tenths of the Sandpeople throwing down over a triumphant, driving backdrop courtesy of the album’s producer, Pmpee Beats. Both “Read About It” and the previously released “Feeling Good (Saul Love)” are available to stream and a download of the two singles is included with all pre-orders.


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