Outasight – Anchor Down [video]

Outasight has hardly been out of mind since the 2011 release of his hit single, “Tonight is the Night.” For two years, he toured the world in support of the song, which landed him a major record deal, has been certified platinum and was featured in commercials for the Academy Awards, Honda, Pepsi and Pizza Hut. Not to mention that he performed as a guest on The X Factor and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Now, back home in Yonkers, New York, Outasight is doing things on his own – which is how he wants it. From his own handcrafted studio, he has been able to reconnect with his soulful roots and create music without interference or distraction. The result is Chasing a Ghost, a glorious new album that shows an artist coming full circle and perfecting his sound.

Chasing a Ghost highlights Outasight’s remarkable ability to seamlessly combine elements of hip-hop, soul and pop into a sound that’s instantly identifiable. The album is scheduled for release in October of this year. And, the first single, “Anchor Down” will hit the airwaves on July 29.

iTunes: Anchor Down – Single – Outasight



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