Deltron 3030 – Melding Of The Minds (A Plus Remix) [audio]


“First off, after doing the Que and Meek Mill remixes, I wanted to remix an artist that was more in the vein of the kind of hip hop that I do. What better person than one of my best friends on Earth and fellow C7 crew member, Del. After selecting the song, and getting the OK from Dan the Automator to give it a whirl, I realized it had 4 verses. I didn’t want to cut any verses, so to keep it interesting, I decided to remix it in a medley type of way- using a different sound style for each verse. For verse one I did hip-hop style, a musical sample with a live drum swing on the drum programming, kinda dramatic, a lot like the original song in it’s vibe. Verse 2 I did a glitch-hop swingy style with all hand made sounds, a lot of work there. Verse three I did a club/hyphy bass style, straight up bay area origin style. Verse 4 was a reprise of the first verse, but with me playing synths instead, to show of some of my musical training from my youth, no samples. I like the way the remix keeps moving and changing, even inbetween verses. I hope people can get into it. The workload was like making four remixes at once. After Del told me he really liked it, I felt good about how it may be received. Enjoy” -Plee

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