SkyBlew – The Ballad Of Pigeon Man ft. D&D Sluggers (Prod. SublimeCloud) [audio]


In celebration of his birthday today. SkyBlew decided to release the single “Ballad Of The Pigeon Man” featuring D&D Sluggers (@DDSluggers) (who SkyBlew recently toured with) and it’s produced by SublimeCloud (@SublimeCloud) of The Digi Destined. The song is paying homage to the 90’s Nickelodeon cartoon “Hey Arnold” a show that had a major impact on SkyBlew’s life. Most know, this was one of the most emotionally driven episodes from any cartoon! So, he decided to write a modern day version of the story.

The album “SkyBlew’s UNmodern Life” will be for sale in late September via, Random aka Mega Ran’s RandomBeats Productions label! The album’s theme is Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, Anime & Video Games. MAINLY, Hey Arnold because that show SkyBlew could really relate to, in alot of ways. The album is very well done. These won’t just be IN YOUR FACE reference, reference, name drop songs, these are well put together concepts, so that people who don’t even know about these cartoons, video games & anime can still relate to it… No album out will sound like it! Coming soon………….

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