Gajah – Hands of Gold Are Always Cold [LP]

Gajah worked extensively to craft Hands of Gold Are Always Cold which addresses the in-equities in our society that go beyond politics and strike to the core of individual ethics. Give him a platform and he writes about the meek and champions their cause, battling through those that would wish them ill will, all the while increasing his reputation as one of the more skillful and technical wordsmith’s to come out of the Project Blowed scene in Los Angeles.

Fully Produced by Uncommon Nasa, who’s fresh off his own LP, New York Telephone, the LP features Atari Blitzkrieg, Radioinactive and Uncommon Nasa on vocals as well. Uncommon Nasa crafts a loud and impressive pallette that serves as the bull horn to get Gajah’s well intentioned messages to the masses. Grab the LP, with a T-Shirt package now, info on their tour together is below as well!


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