Dres (of Black Sheep) – Propagation [video]

Dres (Andres Titus) the lead rapper of the legendary hip-hop duo Black Sheep, has released the official music video for his single “Propagation.”

Coming at an eerily appropriate time on the heels of the Mike Brown verdict, “Propagation” is a record birthed as a conversation between Dres and his young son, who’s featured on the record and in the video with him, about what a child of color would need to know about growing up in America. “A hook wasn’t necessary, just a rhyme that continuously told you things that would help you walk through life as a young child of color in America,” says Dres.

“I am from an era where we did get educated within the music, not to say we didn’t have fun or there weren’t raunchy records, but there was this element of hip-hop that was educational and empowering. That is over-abundantly missing in today’s music and it is important to convey things that matter, especially to my son and young people in general. The things that are paramount in music today don’t necessarily matter. We have to take responsibility for what our kids do out there because we won’t be judged equally.”

iTunes: Propagation – Black Sheep Dres


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