Sepalot – These Tears [audio + video]


“Brand new and hungry – 2015 has just turned the first page and in the wake of it’s first days Sepalot has not been lazy and made plans spanning across the next 12 months.

Following his numerous releases in the past, highly acclaimed and reappearing in movies and TV trailers from Europe to Canada.

have made him even more eager to follow up with even more exciting projects this year. From solo ventures to remixes, synch music, as well as productions for musical companions (Fashawn, Blu, Buff1, Ladi6, Frank n Dank, Saigon, …) Sepalot cannot sit still – in the best way. Cracking SubBass, progressive drumprogramming and his trademark vintage sampling start off this years round of releases.

So he sends his first brainchild off into the orbit, “These tears” accompanied by the perfect video created by director Janna Ji Wonders.

To be continued – and there is no doubt about it.

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