Change “I Dont Wanna Leave U (feat. Datin)” [audio]


We’re proud to announce the addition of emcee Change to the Illect Recordings artist roster.

Hip-hop grew up in the 90’s. Wu-Tang, The Fugees and Biggie ensured New York wasn’t just hip-hop’s past, but its present and future. On the Left Coast, Tupac proved gangster and poet are not mutually exclusive, and the Pharcyde crafted a style synonymous with the California underground. Meanwhile, south of the Mason-Dixon, Outkast was birthing a southern sound that would inspire a generation of emcee’s.

This diverse soundscape raised Change, who emerged at the dawn of the millennium. With well-received releases like 2005’s Tuesday Mourning, 2007’s Same As It Never Was, and 2009’s free ep, The Stimulus Plan, Change has continued to grow as an artist and emcee. With a plethora of guest appearances and the eclectic side project from Alabaster Kin, Change’s portfolio is as diverse as his moniker suggests. The Stimulus Plan recently surpassed 100,000 downloads.

The last five years have seen Change focus on his career as an Audio Engineer, doing studio work for several artists and labels.

But once an emcee, always an emcee. 2015 will see Change back on the mic with a new album. Along for the ride is his StylWyld crew, Tee-Wyla and Datin. You get 15 years experience, Change’s lyrical brush, and production from Tee-Wyla, Tone Jonez, DFM Music Group and Deacon the Villain.

Prepare for an audible masterpiece drawing on today’s sound, yet built on hip-hop’s foundation.


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