Ras G & The Koreatown Oddity (5 Chuckles) – Live And Direct [audio]


5 Chuckles is the hip-hop duo of Brainfeeder / Leaving producer Ras G, and L.A. rapper The Koreatown Oddity – together they brew DIY rap music from psilocybin stems and Backwoods blunt wraps. At first a limited cassette-only project of 100 tapes stuffed in blunt pouches, 5 Chuckles is now available again as a second “regs” edition of 300 cassettes + world-wide digital. Cassette edition *still* includes the exclusive instrumentals + bonus tracks. Expect 5 Chuckles 2, Black Friday 2015.

Store: http://www.stonesthrow.com/store/album/5chuckles/5-chuckles

via Stones Throw

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