John Robinson & Chief – EVERYWHERE [video + contest]

JOHN ROBINSON & CHIEF – We The Prolific / LP/CD/Digital / Out on 3rd March 2015
Legendary rapper John Robinson joined forces with dynamic beatmaker Chief to craft this aptly-titled intercontinental masterpiece, “We the Prolific”. After over a year of exchanges, team
work and perfecting, the album is finally ready to come out on Feelin’ music.

REMIX CONTEST / We are running a remix contest of the track “Everywhere”. The winner will see his work released on a digital Ep along with remixes by Mr. Dibiase, Ras G and Mitsu The Beats.


John Robinson & Chief Remix Contest !

Feelin’ music invites you to remix the track “Everywhere”, the first single off John Robinson & Chief’s album “We The Prolific”. Here’re the rules and info:

1. Download the original track and accapella.

2. Remix the song!

3. Post it on Soundcloud with the title “Everywhere remix contest” and send us a private Soundcloud message with the Soundcloud link.

4. The remix winner will be selected by Chief, John Robinson and the Feelin’ music team.


The winner will be on a forthcoming remix Ep (digital) along with remixes by Ras G, Mr. Dibiase and Mitsu The Beats, and will received a package of Feelin’ music goodies.


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