Acid Reign & Gebo – Losaka [album] (ft. Ariano, Graves 33, Onry Ozzborn & more)

Beond and Gajah of the Los Angeles rap trio, Acid Reign have teamed up with Osaka based MC, Gebo to create “Losaka”, merging the cities that they call home.
This bilingual, rapid-fire rap affair is oddly diverse, yet cohesive with a wide variety of moods and feels throughout.

They’ve enlisted an array of producers such as Nao-K, Kenny Segal, Mute Speaker, Willie Green, Le Parasite, EQ, Fantom Fangz, SR883 & No Earth to provide the back drop, with additional remixes by Awkward & Duke Westlake.

Featuring guest vocals by Ariano, Onry Ozzborn, Graves 33, EQ, Joel St. Julian and Acid Reign member, Olmeca. Artwork by Toobz.


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