Wool See – “Homie Garden” [album]

Homie Garden is 12 tracks of experimental, honest hip hop from one of Portland’s best kept secrets. Like Wool See’s previous venture, the Winter Worn EP, this album is heavily inspired by the season of its release, from the growth-inspired title track to the unique ode to the backyard that is “Hummingbird Hunger Games.” Things get a little dark elsewhere on the album which plays out like a true Northwest spring, capable of bringing picturesque sunny days and dreary, spirit-crushing ones in the same week (sometimes even the same hour).

Wool See is mostly a one-man-band with all production, instrumentation, writing and vocals handled by IAME (Sandpeople/Oldominion/McJameson). There are plenty of other members but their only roles as of now are in the spirit guide and morale-boosting departments. None of them get out as much as they should so things routinely get weird. You’ve been warned.

WoolSee Homie Garden


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