Snow Angel – So Sick So Cool (prod by Boots Riley) [video]

The psych-pop girls of Snow Angel release their debut 7” So Sick So Cool, and to celebrate, they’ve dropped their video for “So Sick So Cool” on Bitch Magazine. Doused with hard-hitting drums, recorders, omnichord, guitar, keys and electric sitar turned all the way up to 11, they will rock the emotional dust off your musical shelf.

“So Sick So Cool” is a rainbow, patty cake, cheer party of awesome-ness. The video was directed by Kung Fu comedy action genius, Pete Lee. The cinematography was done by or Mark Kohr, who is best known for his directing work with Green Day, Primus and Alanis Morrisette.

Snow Angel’s creative force, Gabby La La, made a major splash with her Les Claypool produced solo album, “Be Careful What You Wish For”. Touring internationally as a member of Claypool’s band, Gabby became known for her virtuosity on the sitar and penetrating stage presence. She created her second album, “I Know You Know I Know” using a Nintendo DS Lite overdubbed with sitar, ukulele, and theremin.

“So Sick So Cool” is the first release from Snow Angel. The track features the drumming of Ian Vanek from Brooklyn art-punk duo Japanther, and is co-produced by Boots Riley of The Coup. Tied together with an addictive dose of electric sitar, recorders, and girl power, this double A-side single is sure to put Snow Angel on the musical map.


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