LMNO & Mr. Brady – Rearrange [video]

In 2010, world famous Visionaries crew member LMNO accomplished an amazing feat — he released ten albums in one year; with the likes of producers DJ Babu of the Beat Junkies, Kev Brown and more. One of the ten albums was produced by the veteran producer/emcee, Mr Brady. LMNO and Mr Brady’s album received rave reviews and prompted fans to blog about how well the two sounded together. The positive response inspired these two workhorses to feature one another on each other’s albums, ever since.

Fast forward to 2015, LMNO & Mr Brady are back with a new full-length album titled, 25/8. Between the two of them, LMNO & Mr Brady have released at least 40 albums or more, hence the title of the album, 25/8. Instead of having 24/7 hours/days in a week, LMNO & Mr Brady put in so much work they need 25/8 for all the overtime they put in the studio and tours they have done.

For this gritty heartfelt album, young up-and-coming producer Asethic from Brooklyn, New York, provides all the beats and the perfect landscape for these two seasoned emcees to paint vivid, truthful pictures with their words. 25/8 is an effortlessly cohesive album and possibly the best work LMNO & Mr Brady have ever done together.

When Asethic reached out to LMNO and sent him a batch of beats, he asked Mr Brady to come record him on the track “Rearrange”, which turned out to be their first single. What was supposed to be a feature turned into a collaborative full-length album within a matter of a few months. The process for this album entailed producer Asethic sending beats, then LMNO & Mr Brady would pick one and write to it on the spot and promptly record it.

“It was a very natural process,” Mr Brady said. LMNO added, “Nothing was rushed, everything happened the way it was supposed to and it is evident when you hear the album.”

So put on your headphones, or turn it up in your car, and enjoy this grimy journey called — 25/8!

iTunes: 25/8 – LMNO & Mr. Brady



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