William Cooper “Zombieland” ft. Diabolic [video]

A Zombie Apocalypse is much realer than many choose to acknowledge. If We The People refuse to wake up, the world we all live in will soon meet unrecoverable destruction. For this very important reason, Black Market Militia’s William Cooper joined forces with Long Island rap-renegade Diabolic to warn the people of what is to come if drastic changes are not made. The two MC’s welcome everyone to “Zombieland” over a hypnotic soundscape produced by long time Wu-affiliate BP. The Tom Vayianos directed visuals introduce the viewer to a dark world that has been consumed by its own people. Excerpts from the songs chorus explain this mayhem perfectly, “This is Zombieland/ better keep your guard up/ if you surrender your mental they are chewing you up/ feasting on the flesh of their own people/ just like the eye on top of the pyramid see the evil…”

“Zombieland” is the second visual off of William Cooper’s new sophomore album “God’s Will”(Gemstarr Regime Records), which is available for purchase on iTunes or everywhere else CDs are still sold. “God’s Will” is produced entirely by BP and also features an all-star lineup that includes Sticky Fingaz (Onyx), Rah Digga, Sean Price, Nature, Killah Priest and many more.

iTunes: God’s Will – William Cooper



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