Breeze Embalm “Embalming Fluid” [album] (ft. Blu, Dessy Hinds & more)

Bronx, NY rapper Breeze Embalm released his full length album “Embalming Fluid” today which is available for free download. “Embalming Fluid” is the follow up to Breeze Embalm’s debut EP “The Ceremony of Nadir” in which he won the John Lennon Song Writing Award for the song “My People.” After various ups and downs following his debut EP, Breeze Embalm is excited to share his full length album released independently as a free download.

“Embalming Fluid” also enlists the help from Dessy Hinds (Pro Era), Blu, Amanda Maxine, Enonymous and others.

Check out the free album download via Bandcamp as a “Name Your Price” and you can also stream the album via SoundCloud. Limited amounts of CD are available for purchase as well.

Embalming Fluid Cover Art

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