P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros. – Feast of Legend EP

P.SO and the 2 Hungry Bros are more than your typical New York based MC/Producer group. Vintage vinyl fiends and food enthusiasts, the 2 Hungry Bros select only the finest samples for production in the same way a chef uses prime ingredients for his meal.

P.SO (the Earth tone King) borrows his name from the famous painter Picasso, with the intention of creating pieces of art with every new song. Together, these long time collaborators have worked on dozens of records over the past 7 years but now are ready to release their debut EP.

Prolific beats, creative lyrics and features from Tanya Morgan, Substantial, Likwuid and more, Feast of Legend will prove to be a fundamental addition to any Hip-Hop catalogue. Save room for dinner, the Feast is upon us.



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