WebsterX & Q the Sun “KidX” [EP]


“KidX” is a three track EP by Milwaukee musician WebsterX. The EP seamlessly transitions between each song and was produced in its entirety by Q the Sun. “KidX” is inspired by Radiohead’s 2000 album “Kid A”. The EP takes sounds and inspiration from “Kid A” and the concept of darkness and depression from WebsterX. A campaign involving street art in Milwaukee also accompanied the release of KidX as well as a listening disco and a slice of pizza from “Ian’s”, a local pizza parlor in Webster’s hometown. The hashtag #whoiskidx acts as Webster and Q’s lightning rod to bring all of the content and fans together and steers them towards whoiskidx.com, a website that hosts all of the information about the EP as promo for its release date November 17th, 2015.


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