Kero Uno – Reflection Eternal [pre-order + tracklisting]


The latest Kero Uno single “Princess Diamond” featuring Kelsey Bulkin of Made in Heights gets the official club remix by Soulection’s Starro which is included in Kero’s new album.

Speaking of which, the pre-order and tracklisting is now available for the Kero Uno debut album set for release Dec 15th.

1. Princess Diamond ft. Kelsey Bulkin
2. Funktion ft. Brandun Deshay
3. Journey Together
4. Only When ft. Michael Blume
5. Underwater ft. Blu
6. Are You Down? ft. Jeff Bernat
7. In Liberdade ft. Kesna Music
8. Falling Apart ft. Lindsay Olsen
9) Electric Touch ft. Tara Alesia
10) Roll With Me ft. PKeys
11) Dreamscape ft. Suhn
12) Princess Diamond (Starro Soulection Remix)


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