Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Gold Mouth Piranha (Some Wise Quotes My Pops Said) [video]

Exquire, the multi-faceted rapper from Brooklyn, performs a fast-paced confessional in his new video, “Gold Mouth Piranha (Some Wise Quote My Pops Said). Known for blurring the line between gritty and intellectual subject matter, eXquire’s “GMP” video maintains the essence of his brand of hip-hop. The video directed by FRMNDS, pictures eXquire amidst African and West Indian symbols of African liberation, one of eXquire’s many themes of inspiration. Throughout the track, he displays his mastery of rap, juggling multiple flows to a psychedelic, instrumental (produced by Action Bastard). The song appears at the end of eXquire’s EP, Live Forever. “The seven-track self-released project showcases his innate ability to pick out quirky beats that work wonderfully as backdrops to all the strange and outlandish stories eXquire wishes to share,” adds Complex.

Exquire is a Brooklyn native, a street poet, with natural gift to articulate experiences and emotion in his unfiltered delivery. He has the makings of classic hip-hop that doesn’t conform to trends— he dictates them. He is honest, living what he raps about, that isn’t all about just making words rhyme. EXquire doesn’t sugarcoat his irreverent persona or his life’s experiences. He challenges our ears spitting references to Marcus Garvey, the Iliad, and X-Men from his mouth of gold fronts.


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