Marcus D – Voice ft. Zane & Jun [audio]

This EP was originally slated to be released as a 7″ vinyl that would include Universal Language ft. Substantial & Steph (featured on Melancholy Hopeful) and VOICE ft. ZANE & JUN. Early on, both beats were identical, but after the mixing and mastering process, one hit a little harder, and the other had more elements of J-Pop.
When we were pressing the vinyl, elevation received test pressing shipments from the plant on several occasions that contained flaws, ultimately causing them to cancel the release.
The EP was eventually released by elevation as a digital, Japan only release a few years ago, but was never promoted due to the closure of their company soon after.

Despite the hurdles and significant amount of time that’s passed since the inception of this release, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working with everyone who was involved in the process.

On a side note, I received a couple (2) of the flawed 7″ test pressings from elevation back in 2010-2011) and I’m gonna sell them on a first come first serve basis for those interested.

NOTE: (A side) “Universal Language” plays at 33 1/3 RPMs while “VOICE” (B Side) plays at 45 RPMs.
Design by Shuhei Matsuyama who also created album artwork for “Substantial & Marcus D are…Bop Alloy”, “Melancholy Hopeful”, and “The Lone Wolf LP”.


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