One Be Lo & Bean One “Water Guns” [audio]


In the song Water Guns, One Be Lo speaks about the Water Crisis going on in Flint, Michigan and around the world. While America has been witnessing the Police killing of Blacks – filling them with lead bullets – Water Guns compares the shootings to the lead-contaminated water that is also filling people with lead. The lead-contaminated water is compared to Water Guns, just as deadly if not worse because the casualties include everybody in the city who uses water from the Flint River. Bean One provides a murky Choir Sample that puts the listener right in the middle of the Water Gun battle.

The Water Gun painting is by Flint Native, Autumnn Holder. I asked her to paint a water gun, and this is what she came up with. She also lent her voice on the intro of the song. It’s an honor to be working with Autumnn, after having worked with her mother Brenda Jae as featured poet on Binary Star’s song, ‘The Evolution of Man.’ This is the next generation of artists empowered to use their work as a platform for social justice and change.

Water Guns is a song inspired to help raise awareness of (and generate donations for) the plight of the people of Flint. This track is set to appear on The Original Born Ones EP produced entirely by Bean One and One Be Lo. Monies made from the sale of these Water Guns (products) will be donated to Grassroots organizations in Flint dedicated to immediate and long-term solutions for the people of Flint.


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