THNDRTHF “Fourth Story” [video]

St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with drinking and clovers but Heaven Noise Recordings is celebrating the Irish holiday with a different buzz courtesy of another type of green leaf. Today marks the release of Posting While High, the new mega-album by THNDRTHF aka Simple of Sandpeople. This is a momentous occasion for the elusive rapper, producer, and all around weirdo who hasn’t released a project in over 7 years. He’s kept busy though; after moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2010, he helped launch the streetwear brand Control Sector which has become a sought after commodity by some of the biggest names in the music industry, including 2 Chainz, Chris Brown & Logic.

Though he hasn’t released music in a while, he never left it behind. Instead, he’s been silently amassing an arsenal of gems, most of which haven’t seen the light of day until now. A follow up effort to his self-titled 2008 release, THNDRTHF’s Posting While High is essentially a bulk status update with over 2.5 hours of everything from complete songs to half-finished ideas, as well as a plethora of instrumentals. The self-directed visuals for the track “Fourth Story” offer a brief glimpse of the project. “Welcome to the land where your face fades slowly” – THNDRTHF.



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