Graves 33 – Under A Microscope ft.Grayskul [video]

This video was well worth the wait. From the film direction of Bokeh Rang to Graves 33 scribbling on every frame it bombards your senses with images for your brain to subconsciously dissect. The editing process could easily be compared to a complex science experiment. It ended up being a psychedelic escape in the time signature of a LSD trip. In the beginning you are seeing calm flickering and you are soon off on your way. By the end you are peeking and the strobing colors are enchanting your brain to a syncopated rhythm. The credits roll with a dancing panda… This is a great track off of a great EP so be sure to support. Also give it a LIKE / COMMENT and maybe even a SHARE on your Facebook and Twitter. Also, check out on Damn That Noise Blog where It premiered today.

iTunes: Life On Other Planets – EP – Graves 33 & Diógenes



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