Cam’ron – Somebody Gotta Die Tonight (prod. By Green Lantern) [Remastered]


#TbtRemastered in June of ’05, the homie Duke The God hit me up to produce this joint for his Dipset compilation album he was releasing..He sent me this acapella of an unreleased Cam and Freaky Zeekey song, and I listened to it for a few days before starting the production process..(I always say i work better “backwards”..that is to say, I’d rather build a beat around existing here was Duke saying “go ‘head, here’s the vocals, do your thing Green”)…I tried a few things and settled on this Grover Washington Jr. sample I’d been wanting to use for a minute..hooked it up and Cam alert!! The mix-down was a bit rushed due to release dates so here is a newly mix-ed down and remastered version with free download (and Freeky Zeekey talking extremely crazy at the end)..enjoy..– Greenery #TbtRemastered

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