Magestik Legend – Sketch Therapy [album] (ft. Opio & Jamall Bufford)


Magestik shared with us that lately he’s been getting back into drawing. He’s been crafting quick sketches as visual meditation before he sleeps at night. During these sketch therapy sessions his goal is to zone out and not think about anything, including what he’s drawing. So in a sense he becomes a vessel as the art moves through him. He said this is exactly how he feels when he produces beats, which is what inspired this release.

Magestik Legend’s new project is a self-produced instrumental album with a vast range of audible shapes and colorful sounds. There are also a handful of vocal songs on this project featuring Opio (Souls Of Mischief/Hieroglyphics), Jamall Bufford ML himself and a special surprise guest Bill Cosby.

Magestik Legend will be releasing his next official album demonstration via The Black Opera, LLC imprint in the latter portion of this year. Until then he plans on hitting us with some super creative “side projects” that will paint the picture for his upcoming grand opus.


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