Moka Only – I’m Delighted [album]

Well here it is, I’m delighted to present you with this work of art. It’s been a minute since I’ve made an instrumental album. I feel it was overdue, and I would like to continue with similar genres in the future.

This project feels special, the aim was to have an eclectic mix of sounds and styles rather than focus on the future. The majority of the tracks are brand spanking new, yet I still pulled from the unheard archives with tracks like: “Everybody Knows” and “Sunny Bap”. Even a track such as: “True Googz” has a backstory, it is an unfinished piece from a project I’ve been working on slowly over the years with Bootie Brown of the Pharcyde.

If there is a major theme to be gleaned from this project, I would say that I tried to use a similar template as the Magickal Weirdness album, in that the tracks are short, multilayered and overall intended to take the listener through a bit of a journey. The album starts upbeat and gradually fades into a melancholic territory before the sunshine appears toward the end to round out the album.

Much respect to Noah Becker who played sax on both “Bellhowse” and “Going In” (where he also played Fender Rhodes piano and I played synths and xylophone). Big shouts to everybody who made it onto the intro track. Interestingly, all of the folks on it are people I’ve worked with, both old and new since Jump… even URBNET is vocally represented! I hope this album helps set up the summer season for you and stay tuned for the next installment in the #12albumsFor2016series.



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