Sa-Roc – Eye of the Phoenix [video]

New video for the latest release by Sa-Roc “Eye of the Phoenix,” off the Metamorpheus mixtape.

Director: Tommy Nova
Produced by: Gensu Dean



Since debuting on the scene in 2008, Sa-Roc has continually proven to be a force to reckoned with and respected amongst her peers. In many ways, the music video for “Eye of the Phoenix” is a metaphor for the approach to her craft. The video, starts off in an unassuming environment, surrounded by the beauty of nature, leaving those who are unfamiliar not knowing what to expect. But, once Sa-Roc starts to rhyme, she immediately becomes the center of attention, displaying mastery levels of wordplay, flow, and confidence. Gensu Dean, a longtime master of Boom-Bap grimy beats, supplies the musical foundation, courtesy his trusty MPC 3000, which proves to be a perfect combination for Sa-Roc’s microphone dominance.

“Eye of the Phoenix” is the first single from Sa-Roc’s brand new mixtape, “Metamorpheus”, which is available for free now Whether you are already a Sa-Roc fan or unfamiliar with her work, “Metamorpheus” is true testament to her skill, as well as her growth as an artist.

Although “Metamorpheus” makes a strong statement on its own, it’s only a taste of what’s to come from Sa-Roc’s upcoming official album release on Rhymesayers Entertainment.


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