Ladi6 “Beffy” [audio]

Beffy Digital Cover WIP

Laid is the group project of vocalist Ladi, beatmaker/producer Parks, drummer/producer Julien Dyne and keyboardist/producer Brandon Haru. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Ladi6 has toured Europe, the UK, and the US for half a decade sharing stages with the likes of Gil Scott Heron, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Oddisee and others.

Since 2009, they have released three full length albums, exploring the sounds of Neo-Soul, Beats and Electronica and today we’re happy to share a brand new single for their song “Beffy.”

The new single reframes the 90s/early 2000s Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop sound their early music built upon, inside a Krautrock inspired electronic frame. “This time around we wanted to get away from making a specific type of record and just feel our way through what came out” Parks explains. “We just wanted to trust ourselves and be authentic to what came naturally” Ladi continues.

To accomplish this, in July 2015, the group partnered with iconic New Zealand bar chain The Matterhorn to host The Alpha Sessions. Over nine shows held between two cities, they brought their studio set-up, vintage keyboards and drum machines all on stage. Through their live, often improvised sessions, the sessions provided a foundation for songs which will be released on their new album.

Their upcoming EP, which will be released later this year, includes their new single “Beffy.” “Beffy” will be available via iTunes/Spotify on June 17th.

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