Ladi6 “Beffy” [video]

Beffy Digital Cover WIP

Last week we shared the audio to New Zealand’s own Ladi6, for their new song “Beffy” which will be released on an EP coming later this year. The single is available today via iTunes and Spotify.

Today, we’re happy to share the animated video for “Beffy” which was directed, animated and illustrated by another New Zealand native, Robert Wallace.

Their new single “Beffy” reframes the 90s/early 2000s Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop sound their early music was built upon, inside a Krautrock inspired electronic frame. The band ‘wanted to get away from making a specific type of record and just feel [their] way through what came out’ explains producer Parks. Lady continues that “we just wanted to trust ourselves and be authentic to what came naturally.”

Laid is comprised of vocalist Ladi, beatmaker/producer Parks, drummer/producer Julien Dyne and keyboardist/producer Brandon Haru. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Ladi6 has performed all over the world sharing stages with the likes of Gil Scott Heron, Erykah Badu, Mos Def and others.

Stay tuned for more music and news from Ladi6’s upcoming EP.

Apple Music: Beffy – Single – Ladi6

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