EMERALD-LANE “Here Comes The Change” [audio]

IMG_1119 (1)

EMERALD-LANE consists of leader Orion “Sonny” Coates alongside various musicians such as Wow Jones (Bryson Tiller), Mike Moore (Kid Cudi), Joel Whitley (Stevie Wonder, Kimbra), Thomas Drayton (Childish Gambino) and Allakoi Pete. Collectively they are releasing a double EP entitled “C M C S” on July 8th, which consists of the same EP being recorded twice. The RED EP is their ‘grid’ version (modern electronic production) and the BLUE EP is their ‘off-grid’ version featuring more live instrumentation with a timeless aesthetic.

Today, check out the second single from the upcoming double EP for the song “Here Comes The Change” taken from the RED EP.


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