RedAir – Dance With Me ft. Rich Quick [audio]


Chicago Alt-Soul duo RedAir sets the dance floors ablaze with their hot new single feat. Philly spitter Rich Quick.

From the first string stabs, its clear that group producer Rediculus is upping the ante with this up-tempo track setting it apart from the more mellow sparse singles “Cha Cha Cha” and “Hidden Darkness” before it. Airon’s smooth crooning compliments the sonic backdrop effortlessly as he tells the story of a love won on the dance floor.

Philly spitter Rich Quick’s fast paced lyrics propel the song to new heights with his usual wit and charisma, as he boldly claims “We don’t dance/we just pull up our pants/and look thorough / cuz one day we’ll rule the world”

“Dance with me/Let your soul be free” invites the duo as the chorus takes you on a rhythmic journey to a time and a place where having a good time is top on your priority list and everyone gets the dance they want.


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