NorCal Nick “Roll Another One..” + “Reflections” w/ SYG [audio]


Ok, after this it’s all new music but for now here’s another unreleased gem from the Mixed Aromas recording session in the summer of 2014. I am not really even sure who produced this but whoever it is did an amazing job. I always wanted to return to this song because i believed it was a cool idea that could have been so much more but the session was lost somewhere along the way. All i had was this rough demo. Still, it’s kinda cool. I hope you like it. peace.

Before I start releasing new (as in current) music: Here’s a unreleased gem I made with SYG during the Peace Pipe Circle recording sessions in spring 2013. SYG sent me this with the first verse already done and It was so dope I immediately wrote and recorded the second verse but we wanted to add a legit hook and give it a proper mix so we held off on releasing it. After that i dunno i guess life happened and time moved on and this ended up in the vaults. Anyways’ here you go. Enjoy.

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