The Get Money Squad – Nothing’s Wrong [EP]


The Get Money Squad is a band formed by two brothers, Quinton Brock and JON BAP (whose solo debut, ‘Let It Happen,’ we re-issued earlier this year). ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ is essentially their demo tape, made up of 4 lo-fi sketches of songs that would later become the foundation for their upcoming album, ‘Ruff Buff,’ once they transformed into a full four-piece band.

These demo versions were recorded in a dank basement in Buffalo, NY with a DIY, by any means necessary determination – using cheap Fender starter instruments, a 1-input Mbox, and a basic drum kit (of which they only had one drumstick to go with – so they would use a spoon for the other stick, and sometimes even a broken hanger when the 1 stick would go missing).

The results, naturally, sound pretty fucked-up, and – as we see it, Nothing’s Wrong with that.

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