Esh & Arc – “The Other Shoulder” ft. DJ Slipwax [video]


Emcee/Producer duo, Esh & Arc have released a new visual for “The Other Shoulder” featuring DJ Slipwax. Director and editor, Xander Hayes takes a classic performance­based approach to the video and gives it a slight twist with some detailed attention to color, accenting the black and white video with hints of red throughout. Esh & Arc’s performance paired with the editing style match the dark, driving nature of the song. These qualities are further emphasized through frequent cutaways to blood­drenched statues of angels that pair with the echoed chorus “Angels don’t sing, let’s clip their wings”. A unique and notable detail of the video is showcased in the final minute or so, when the video transitions into a VJ­controlled section cut together by DJ Slipwax, matching the electrifying scratches he contributes to the song. “The Other Shoulder” can be found on Esh & Arc’s debut full length album, ‘Death Doesn’t Want You,’ available on all major digital retailers via AR Classic Records


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