Elusive “Paper Parachutes” ft. Emile Pore’e [audio]


Pushing the boundaries of the music that has shaped his career over the last twenty years, Elusive is turning towards more jazzy and instrumentally rich compositions. His forthcoming LP, Headspace, is another leap forward in this context, featuring Los Angeles based jazz guitarist Emile Pore’e, Angels Dust vocalist Flavia and trumpet player and brother, Josh Koslow. It’s his second release for Alpha Pup Records in 2016, quickly following up on the highly celebrated vinyl and digital album Textures. Hitting digital outlets on August 5th, Headspace marks Elusive’s fourth release for Alpha Pup Records.

Exotic vocals, lush harmonies and organic rhythms dominate the energy of Headspace in a way unseen in his past works. A blend into the colorful and vibrant tapestry of otherworldly tones that has stemmed out of the modern electronic scene. It’s a sound he has helped birth himself, staying true to the journey that began with his signing to Alpha Pup a few years back. “The main theme of this album was the expansion of my box as a musician, not just a beatmaker,” explains Elusive. “I wanted to expand on musical ideas as well as rhythms.” His harmonies are becoming more lyrical, advanced and surreal. The rhythms more lush, organic and infectious. The feature additions serving as the final piece, placing more dynamic and colorful voicing to the equation. Headspace is an illuminated sound, designed to explore the depths of sonic perception from listeners worldwide.

The experimental blends between jazz and electronica have a very deep past together. Now decades in motion, new life is abundant in this sphere and Headspace sits right in motion with the best of releases in this lane. With the addition of mixing and mastering from Alpha Pup label head Daddy Kev, Headspace continues the rich legacy Elusive has created with the label and his city of Los Angeles.

Buy: http://elusive.lnk.to/Headspace

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