Red Pill – Gin & Tonic [audio]


Mello Music Group rapper Red Pill is releasing the second single off of his upcoming album Instinctive Drowning. The song, Gin & Tonic, is a spiritual sequel to his 2015 song Rum & Coke, but with a disenchanted tone and a discouraged outlook. Maybe Red Pill is a hip-hop curmudgen. But the new album demonstrates his ability to make himself vulnerable and wear his heartbreak on his plaid sleeve.
The new album is entirely produced by Ill Poetic, swinging the production towards creative abstractions while preserving the intimacy and honesty of Red Pill’s previous works. Red Pill traveled to Oregon to work with photographer Ron Jude in a photoshoot that connects the banality and beauty of life. You can read more about the upcoming album in an interview Red Pill did with Respect Magazine. Instinctive Drowning will be here 8/26


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