Hazel Rose “Silly Me” [audio/video]


Hazel Rose is preparing to release her upcoming EP “A Lover’s War” later this year, which is the follow up project to her 2015 full length album “The Seed.”

The multi-talented Bay Area artist releases her brand new song “Silly Me” which is the first song from the upcoming EP which features a music video shot in Jamaica. The song was produced by Marty Mxfly and Stylo and the music video was directed by Bousa Concepts.

Hazel shares some words regarding the video shoot and the song here:

“”Silly Me” came together in rhythm. Soon after we created the song (produced by Marty Mxfly, Stylo and Mic Angelo) my good friend and collaborator Bousa Concepts invited me to travel with her to Kingston, Jamaica. We both have a shared love and appreciation for Reggae and Dancehall music and culture. We decided to make this video together with no budget and little time, but with the incredible inspiration of the vibrance of Jamaica and its people. We ended up being lucky enough to get an inside look at Kingston from two of the city’s most inspiring upcoming artists, rapper/TV host Sanjay and dancer Shelly Belly. They showed us around their home and featured in the video as well as an upcoming remix of the song.
The way it turned out perfectly captures the meaning of the song for me. Mixed emotions of heartache and joy. The fleeting beauty in experiences felt; the nostalgia of longing, love and memory. The might-have-been, and the unfolding of what comes next.”

Stay tuned for more music from Hazel Rose’s upcoming EP “A Lover’s War.” “Silly Me” is available on iTunes now.

iTunes: Silly Me – Single – Hazel Rose


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