sOuL from the O – Hand Ova Fist [video]


Hand Ova Fist is the first single off of sOuL from the O’s forthcoming album “Contraband Mixtape” a pounding track (beat borrowed from Brenk Sinatra’s “Tryin” / Gumbo 2: Pretty Ugly album) Hand Ova Fist weaves a lyrical tale about being on the run from the police, and the video follows the pursuit of sOuL from the O running through streets, alleyways, parks and a myriad of landscapes towards freedom. The visuals and lyrics are equally supported in this chase as sOuL from the O drops lines that describe the scene in vivid detail:

“Trees over bushes over fences as a I crawl
Splash through the puddles just to throw off all the dogs
Beads of sweat to my neck lungs hurtin’ from that Indo
I jump up in the bucket dip below the window
Twist the green and red hear the footsteps near
Burn the starter give it gas, first and second third gear
Break the column as I whip it I get away the best
Broke parole stolen car, resist arrest
It’s just another day in the life that they created
Then to villainize, justify why they hate it…
Them cats coming fast how we gonna make it: Hand over hand fist over fist/ Footsteps in the dark how we gonna take it: Hand over hand fist over fist”

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