Power Struggle – This Mic Kills Fascists [EP] + The Healing [video]


Lead vocalist Nomi of the San Francisco Bay Area Hip-Hop group Power Struggle partners with producer Off-Balance of Digital Martyrs to make This MIC Kills Fascists. The title of this EP was inspired by the legendary American protest singer Woody Guthrie, who branded his guitar with the famous slogan “This Machine Kills Fascists”. Guthrie, an iconic folk singer during the Dust Bowl era who wrote songs about the labor movement, the Great Depression and other social issues of his time, is often credited for inspiring multiple generations of progressive and radical artists and songwriters.

Power Struggle aims to do the same through the Hip-Hop medium. The content and lyricism of this album captures our current social atmosphere — where classism, racism, patriarchy, homophobia, xenophobia and imperialism all collide in a world where working class people struggle for their dignity and humanity. Guthrie wrote songs against fascism in Europe, Power Struggle laments about the rise of fascist politicians like Clinton and Trump and the incessant murders of black and brown lives by the hands of the police, with songs like “KKKOPS” and “Prolets’ Anthem”.

‘This MIC Kills Fascists” is a short journey of only six songs. The continuity of sounds and instruments make this project very concise. Off-Balance’s beats complement Nomi’s writing style, creating an even pace between the beat and rhyme that bring the listener back to bygone era of 90’s hip-hop. Nomi’s rapping style is eclectic, which reflects the multitude musical, personal and political influences that he has encountered throughout his migratory life which spans Nigeria, America and the Philippines.

iTunes: This Mic Kills Fascists – EP – Power Struggle

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