S.A.S. X B.S.B.D. “Valley of Kings” ft. Roc Marciano & N.O.R.E. [audio]


Man Bites Dog Records Presents Streets All Salute X Blue Sky Black Death “Valley of Kings” feat Roc Marciano & N.O.R.E. This is the 1st single off their new LP “Celestial” which release on Dec 2nd 2016. This music video is co directed by ABOVEGROUND & S.A.S. who blended the NYC Projects & waterways with that of London’s legendary Estates & tributaries. Bringing legends and kings from both sides of the globe together.

Street’s All Salute have been consistently creating new and inspiring music in the UK and in Europe in general over the last several years. Being on the frontier of hip hop has allowed them to collaborate with their counter points in the U.S. Working with the higher echelon of artists like Kayne West, Cam’ Ron & Nicki Minaj, S.A.S. makes their present known wherever the receiver might be. Look for their new album Digital, CD & Vinyl Dec 2nd 2016.

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