Notes to Self BBRC “Heartthrob II” w. Choosey [audio]


Project: TMR II (Loosies)
Artist: BBRC
Song: “Heartthrob II” with Choosey
Produced by Bronze
Additional processing by Book

Quietly protesting against his mean math teacher, Roshin selects “C” for every question on a standardized multiple choice test. He hits the lottery when every answer indeed turns out to be “C.” Bumped up into the gifted program, he starts to believe in the hype of his new-found intellectual prowess. Roshin decides to skip the Battle of the Bands to focus on his studies. Bronze and Arowbe recruit a secret weapon, rapper Choosey, who steps up in Roshin’s place. When Roshin comes to his senses and shows up to join the crew on stage, a four way battle breaks out. But the crowd thinks it’s all part of the show. They go wild for the phenomenal four. BBRC takes first place with a perfect score from the judges and history is made at Pacific Coast High School.

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