denitia and sene. – love and noir. [album]


Denitia Odigie and Brian “Sene” Marc have mastered the fine art of soulful sensuality with their irresistible, smooth-as-silk sound, effortlessly melding elements of electronic, hip hop, funk and minimalist underground pop in equal doses—a reflection of their respectively diverse musical backgrounds which joined forces in 2011. Their sophomore full-length album, love and noir., is set to be released November 18 and fans in NYC are invited to celebrate at the record release show on November 17 at Mercury Lounge.

Individually, Denitia and Sene have been busy since their last release, his and hers., which hit Top 10 on the iTunes R&B chart. Denitia released the sprawling Air Light EP for her solo project ADESUWA earlier this year. Sene is in the cast of the Netflix television series Luke Cage and stars alongside Emma Roberts in Nerve in addition to a lead role in festival favorite White Girl. At a time when the idea of “alternative R&B” has become the genre-defying norm, and hip-hop, EDM, house music and indie-rock run the risk of blending into each other, the chilled-out, futuristic experimental pop vibes of Brooklyn act denitia and sene. make a perfect kind of sense.

iTunes: love and noir. – denitia and sene

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